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Sailing from Scotland in the late 1700’s, the Hollands settled in Virginia and North Carolina. The Hollands are still centralized in what is now Holland, VA, with family branches extending into Maryland and the nation’s capital. Today, we keep the Holland spirit alive and well. Not only by embracing tradition and gracing our letterhead with the same Holland family crest that topped those Scottish sails. But also, the tradition of embracing new traditions, and new beginnings. Being open to new opportunities, just as the first Hollands were in sailing to this new land.

Holland & Holland Teas began years ago with my mother, LaShawne Holland. Long before it was a formal operation, Holland & Holland Teas began with her love of tea. A brilliant, bustling business woman, her endeavors took her across the world. She found no better way to truly glimpse into the soul of a destination, than experiencing their culture in a cup. I, Adam Holland, not only inherited her love of tea, but her love of new experiences.

The tradition of cultivating, blending, and brewing tea is one as old as time. However, that does not limit tea to being enjoyed by only society's “seasoned”. Tea is fresh. Tea is sexy. Tea is a bridge. We have curated a versatile catalog of unique blends that appeal to the traditionalist, as well as the adventurist. Our raw, organic ingredients are all imported from their native lands, where they grow best, and hand-blended here in the United States. 

Tea is an experience. An experience that establishes bonds. These bonds not only laid the foundation of my relationship with my immediate family, but grew to ingratiate those whose relation lay outside of blood. So, pull up a chair. Pour yourself a cup. Join the family.